About Us

At Karma House Co Academy we offer a wide range of Holistic & Complementary Health workshops and courses online. Students can access the student portal any time and anywhere. This enabling you to study or learn something new in your own time and in a safe and comfortable space.
We believe in the Holistic Body, Mind and Soul aspect of health. Giving our students a better understanding of their own and their clients body and how to assist them in achieving and maintaining a happy, holistic life-style. At Karma House Co we believe prevention is better than cure!

We are situated in the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Mari Meyer

Our Principals and Senior Lecturer

Mari Meyer

HHIMA Dip (Mass) HHIMA DIP (Nat) HHI Dip (Comp) HHI Dip (Spa) HHI SPA Specialist (Dip)


Mari has over 21 years’ worth of experience as therapist, manager, owner, consultant and trainer in the industry. 

She holds diplomas in Weight loss, Beauty therapy, Complementary Health therapy, Specialised Holistic Massage therapy, Spa therapy, Spa Management & Naturology.
Her certificates include: Personal Fitness Training, various International Kinesiology Certificates and a Reiki Master’s degree.

She has an interest in the body mind connection to health, wellness and weight problems and have attended workshops and courses in the following fields; Anti-Drug Alliance South Africa – Addiction recovery coach, Child abuse workshop, FAMSA Self Development workshop and Life Line Lay counsellor training to assist in the holistic treatment of her clients.

Mari has a passion for the health and wellness industry and shares it with students and clients alike. She likes to study and further her knowledge.

She has been involved with training for the past 18 years and has owned 4 branches of HH International Massage and Complementary Therapy Academy in South Africa.  To be able to facilitate classes and exams Mari has attended facilitator and moderator training.
HH International is an internationally recognised training academy for massage, spa and complementary health practitioners.
Facilitating classes, doing public speaking and being in the public eye come as second nature to her following her involvement in her local community and the local media.

Mari has trained and consulted for various upmarket and award-winning prestige’s spas and hotels in South Africa and Africa.
She has owned various successful salons, clinics and a Spa at a 5 star hotel and resort on the Garden Route, South Africa.

Mari continued training students and practicing as a therapist in Brisbane and the Gold Coast under her business Karma House Co Health and Wellness and the Karma House Co Academy.   Karma  House Co Academy is an approved training provider with IICT the International Institute for Complementary Therapist that operates here in Australia but also world wide.

What Our Students Have to Say

I am a natural health junkie, I practice healthy living daily. I did a few of Karma House Co's workshop to be able to balance my own health and wellbeing better.
Joe S
From Gold Coast, Australia
Thanks to Mari I completed my reflexology, kinesiology and massage courses. I now have a successful practice that I run from home.
Saskia B
Natural Health Practitioner
I am a remedial massage therapist by trade, I contacted Karma House Co to give me something new to offer my clients. I ended up doing Aromatherapy. I now offer relaxing massages to a different type of client. Benefitted my business.
man, smile, bold-1690965.jpg
Frank J
From Australia
I Love everything weird and wonderfull. I joined the online workshops. I enjoyed it so much. I loved how fun the videos was and how much extra knowledge on other subjects I received during my training.
Bronwynn D
Fitness Professional