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We offer a wide range of Holistic and Complementary Health Courses and Workshops.
Whether you need some "Inspiration for the Soul", a complete new career or some guidance, you will find it at Karma House Co Academy for Health and Wellness.

Practical Training

At Karma House Co Academy we believe in lots of hands-on practical training, ensuring you the student can apply what you have learned. The comprehensive theory behind all the modalities creates confident students with the knowledge needed to be excellent in their chosen field.

International Accreditation

At Karma House Co Academy for Complementary & Massage Therapies is an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Wide range of Courses

At Karma House Co Academy for Complementary Health & Massage Therapies, we specialise in a vast range of complementary therapy courses. We offer over 25 modalities. Our intense training is designed to transform students into practitioners.

Our Most Popular Courses


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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

It is our privilege to present programs on an international standard, where every member of our team shares a common commitment to provide outstanding education. The pressure is on us to provide the community with top-notch therapists with solid reputations, quality education and firm understanding of the therapist/ client relationship. We at the academy gladly rise to that challenge!

Mari Meyer
Mari Meyer — Founder & CEO.

Karma House Co Academy uses an open learning model. In terms of this model each learning program can be completed at your own pace within a 2 year bracket. We offer in person and online education, this might include practical Zoom sessions depending on the unit of study. Should the program contain practical contact hours, these should be completed on Zoom on the dates as prescribed by the academy. These sessions are presented concurrently on scheduled dates for a predetermined number of sessions. There are various starting dates for these sessions and a student can opt to start these sessions whenever they are ready within the 2 year period. Schedules for the different starting dates and times for the different programs are available from the college and will be included in your learner pack. If contact hours are required for a specific program, you will need to attend these classes online consecutively for at least one run, but these can be repeated as many times as you feel necessary within the 2 year at no extra charge.  All Zoom sessions are recorded and can be viewed at any time by the students.

Depending on the program you might have a theoretical assessments and / or a practical asessments. These assessments are conducted online during your course, theory will be done in our learner space and practical will be conducted over Zoom. You can register to do the assessment as soon as you meet the requirement of the assessment as prescribed for a particular program within a 2 year period.

When you successfully complete any program with Karma House Co you get free associate membership to our college and we act as an association for you when working with your newly acquired skill – from setting up your own business to working at an existing company or finding employment at a luxury spa.  Students who complete the registered modalities can then register with IICT to get a practice number and get insurance to practice.

What Other Experts Industry Have to Say About Mari Meyer

Recommendation - Mari Meyer and Karma House Co Academy To Whom It May Concern, As a qualified homeopathic doctor with an interest in furthering my skills and knowledge in the field of alternative therapies, I contacted Mari at her branch of HH International Academy, a professional and recognised training institute for tuition in level 3 reiki and acupressure. She was friendly and out going, always willing to share her vast knowledge of therapies. Her enthusiasm for the industry led to an opportunity for her to operate the 5-star Hotel Spa. Under her guidance, the spa offered an array of exotic holistic therapies as well as conventional health and beauty treatments that I had the pleasure of experiencing. Her therapists were always professional, well-trained and the spa facilities were kept immaculately clean and beautifully presented. Our shared interest later blossomed into the collaboration and development of health retreats at the spa. I have come to know Mari both in a personal and professional capacity and feel privileged to offer my recommendation of her as a confident, innovative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and competent person who would enrich any establishment for which she works. Having managed and run my own 5-star spa, I believe I understand the qualities required for this section of the industry and would not hesitate in recommending Mari. With Regards,
Dr Geraldine R
Homeopath, Nutritionist
Recommendation - Mari Meyer has been involved with our International Massage and Complementary therapy Academy since 2004. She started out as one of our students but after showing a lot of potential and dedication she was appointed as admin manager and senior lecturer at the Garden Route branch, then run by Delene P. After experiencing some difficulties with Mrs. P, Mari ended up running the whole branch and we offered her the chance to take over the branch as the new franchisee. She eventually owned the Garden Route, Oudsthoorn, Port Elizabeth and Krugersdorp branches of HH where she trained hundreds, if not more than a thousand students in all of our modalities including acupressure, sports massage, aromatherapy, beauty therapy and many more. She also trained some of our own lecturers. We frequently received compliments from her students for her ability to teach, her people skills as well as her broader knowledge of the subjects. Her students felt so comfortable with her that some even ended up sharing their personal struggles in life, whether being recent or past and with her counselling knowledge and background she was able to assist and relate to them personally and professionally. She also drafted our beauty therapy manuals, since these modules weren’t part of our courses until after Mari took over the Garden Route branch. The manuals were of a very high standard and the courses consequently became part of our offered modules. She is qualified and able to train students in all of our modalities and have done so for many years. Her knowledge of the modules reaches far beyond what we offer in the courses, which proved valuable to all her students as well as to HH, since she was able to sell more of our modules to existing students. She has trained top managers and therapists for various award winning spa’s through her work as facilitator and owner of the HH branches, both national and internationally. She is capable of developing and implementing new systems and has shown herself as a competent spa consultant and manager throughout the years. Her own spa was a unique and wonderful experience. It was highly professional with brilliantly trained staff, gym, innovating treatments and a warm and welcoming interior with matching aromas. All achieved by knowledge, hard work and dedication. Mari has shown herself as a trustworthy hardworking individual, who always strives to better herself through her studies and life experiences. I as the MD of HH International can truly recommend her to any establishment, be it as manager, consultant or trainer. I wish her all the best,
Rudi B
Managing Director HH International